We issued all of our 117 SOLTEAMZ NFTs in completely untried and untested way. (Our favourite strategy!)

We gave them all away for FREE! Yes FREE! No minting costs, no transfer fees, nothing.

All solteamz NFTs are now in circulation and are available from secondary market at Digital Eyes.


How can I get involved?

Please follow us on twitter, where we will reveal details of how to get hold of one. It will be a first come first serve basis. A clue: be prepared on the weekend of 2nd/3rd October.

Why are you doing this?

I could spout some socialist story, however to tell the truth, we have ALOT going on at the moment and do not currently have the resources to manage and promote this project. So our thought is that by distributing all NFTs for FREE, we can find these beautiful NFTs a home and the future owners can be the key to their destiny. All recipients are free to keep, distribute, burn or resell as they wish. There really is nothing to lose.

Can I resell SOLTEAMZ NFTs?

Yes, absolutely. We encourage people to sell through Digital Eyes, where SOLTEAMZ is a verified collection:

(NOTE: Current listings on Digital Eyes will be delisted prior to the launch)


What’s in it for SOLTEAMZ?

We have applied a 10% commission on any resale of the NFTs (this is common practice). What that means is if you resell the NFT, you will get 90% and SOLTEAMZ will get 10% (minus any additional marketplace fees). We are hoping that by issuing these all for free, the future owners will help in promoting the project and generate interest and sales. It really is a win-win situation for all.

SOLTEAMZ attribute
Rarity (%)
Fire Boost
Can, Vuvuzela, Cryptocoin, Money Bag, Whistle, Cash, "Legend"
Solana Shirt, Crypto Shirt
Lightning Boost
"Genius", "Solteamz"
Fire & Lightning Boost
Super Cup, World Cup, Antlers